Our Afterglow cleanse is designed for those who are new to cleansing. Including more fruit-based juices to ease you into the juicing experience.

Detox Lemonade: spring water, lemon juice, activated charcoal, turmeric, Lakanto monkfruit sweetener 

Magic Water: spring water, silica, lemon, beet, spirulina, rose water

Sweet Beat: apple, grapefruit, pineapple, beet, turmeric

Sunny G: carrot, orange, pineapple, ginger

Smooth Operator: cucumbers, local apple, kale, mint

Root Balance:organic carrots, local apple, lemon, beet

Afterglow Cleanse 1 Day

1 Detox Lemonade, 1 Magic Water, 1 Sweet Beet, 1 Sunny G,  1 Smooth Operator, 1 Root Balance and 1 Ultima Electrolyte Packet

Afterglow Cleanse 2 Day

2 Detox Lemonades, 2 Magic Waters, 2 Sweet Beats, 2 Sunny Gs,  2 Smooth Operators, 2 Root Balances, and 2 Ultima Electrolyte Packets

Afterglow Cleanse 3 Day

3 Detox Lemonade, 3 Magic Water, 3 Sweet Beat, 3 Sunny G, 3 Smooth Operator, 3 Root Balance, 3 Ultima Electrolyte Packets, and our signature Energy Cleansing Essentials Kit